Therapy in Maine, Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, & Florida.

Therapy to Help People Rise From Darkness,
Therapy to Help People Shine Bright.
Because life isn’t meant to be lived in the dark.

Welcome to
The Rising Sun Counseling

Veronica Ingrao offers therapy throughout Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,and Florida online via telehealth.

Oh, you hate therapy? I get it. If you’d rather spend your time and money not sifting through your problems in counseling sessions, I don’t blame you. But, if you are missing out on a sense of peace or feel like you’ll burst if something doesn’t change soon, then it’s worth it to invest in yourself with counseling services.

My approach to therapy is direct and genuine. While I adhere to a therapeutic structure, you’ll find me casual and making use of humor— no one wants to talk to a robot.

I'm committed to not pathologizing people (you are not broken), but some of the concerns I work with
the most are:


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The Rising Sun Counseling is based out of Falmouth, Maine. My varied licenses, however, allow me to practice therapy across Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Florida. Telehealth sessions allow for a continuity of care. I meet with moms while they are nursing, busy professionals on lunch break, and students between classes. No more excuses! 🙂



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